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In Your Box History – 2012

2012 was a good year for produce! Week of December 31, 2012 Small Box 1 Red Leaf Lettuce 1 Napa Cabbage 1 bunch Kohlrabi 1 Celery 1 bunch Bok Choy 1 pound Broccoli 1 bunch Round Carrots 1 Fennel Bulb 1 Mixed Colored Cauliflower 2 Leeks Large Box 1 Red Leaf Lettuce 1 bunch Kohlrabi…

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Stuffed Artichokes

The artichokes have really been fantastic lately.  I never tire of a simply steamed artichoke with various different dips, my favorite is just a little mayo with fresh garlic, lemon juice and freshly ground pepper. Here is a super easy recipe for Stuffed Artichokes done in the oven. 4 large, full-size artichokes 1 lemon, halved…

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