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Use Your Melon

Here are a couple of recipes using our melons, super easy, fun to prepare and very kid friendly! Yellow Watermelon Granita A twist on the traditional granita using Underwood’s seedless yellow watermelon! I think it’s AOK to eat “yellow snow” in this instance. 8 cups of yellow seedless watermelon, chopped 2 T fresh lime juice…

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SSCC (Super Simple Creamed Corn)

Hold the Cream!  You can made a nice creamed corn without any dairy if you prefer.  The key to creaminess is the “milk” from the corn.  Whatever you do – do not add sugar to this recipe, it is amazingly simple and sweet the way it is because our corn is so sweet and flavorful.…

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Killer Farm Tomatoes Attack

The Heirlooms vs The Hybrids What is all the recent hype surrounding heirloom tomatoes? What is the difference between a heirloom and a hybrid tomato? Are heirloom tomatoes any better for you than the more typical “commercial” varieties?  We are going to answer these questions by examining our mild mannered friendly fruit,  Solanum lycopersicum. From…

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