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CSA Spring Newsletter, 2015

In case you didn’t catch the email this week, here’s our CSA member Spring Newsletter: We had to delay the opening of the Moorpark farm center and pick your own fields over this past weekend due to the rain and it looks like more rain is coming today so we are planning to reopen tomorrow,…

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Focus on Fennel

Fennel is crunchy and slightly sweet with a slight, mild licorice taste, it’s good raw or sliced thin and cooked in olive oil like an onion. Popular in Indian, Italian, Spanish, Middle Eastern and Mediterrean dishes, the variety that we grow at Underwood Family Farms is the culinary version which is characterized by the large…

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From Seed to Sauce

Do you live in a household that keeps a bottle of Sriracha handy in your refrigerator at all times?  If so, you will probably really enjoy this newly released video! “Growing Sriracha, from Seed to Sauce, is the story of what happens before the peppers go in the bottle.  It is the farm that grows…

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Thanksgiving in The Box – 2013

It’s hard to believe the holiday season is upon us already!  Our wishes to all of you for a very happy and yummy Thanksgiving holiday.  We are going to examine a few traditional recipes and do a little vamping to make them more fresh and homemade and without the dairy or gluten if you need…

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Squash a Revolt!

It’s our mission to make winter squash lovers out of every one of you and I take this job very seriously, so prepare to surrender yourselves to at least one our super easy simple squash delicacies.  You can fight it, but you won’t win.  Bring us your toughest customers – your meat lovin’ better half…

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Summer Produce Storage Tips

Many members have been asking for advice on the best way to store their CSA produce, we did a post on storing salad/greens; here are some additional ideas and thoughts for the summer produce. There may be environmental and/or health considerations that some of you may have with using certain materials to store your produce.…

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Cucumbers Impersonating Lemons??

Lemon Cucumbers.  Hybrids or are they just wearing a cheap disguise?  Turns out it’s just a dress up act.  They are a cucumber at the core, a little sweeter and less bitter than their cousins, but no relations to a lemon.  It’s just their shape and coloring that gave way to their moniker. You can…

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Persnickety Persimmon

My first experience with a persimmon that I received in my box was not pleasant. I was anxious to try this exotic little wonder and when I pressed on the flesh, it seemed to give a little. I double checked my sources, and found that one can eat them fresh picked or ripened for a…

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