Bacon avocados are rich in many vitamins and minerals like vitamin B5, B6, folate, vitamin K, and fiber. They are similar to the Californian Hass avocado, but do not taste like bacon despite its name. Named after farmer James Bacon, bacon avocados have a smooth, thin green skin and have a lighter yellow- green flesh. These avocados are also lighter in fat content and lighter taste than a typical Hass avocado. While Californian Hass avocados have approximately 50 calories per avocado, bacon avocados only contain 36 calories per avocado. Bacon avocados also contain nutritious, healthier fats that take the body longer to digest and high in the mineral carotene, which can promote eye health.

Recipe of the Week
Yield: 4 Servings
ALT (Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato) Sandwiches (recipe courtesy of Health)

2 Tbsp fat- free mayonnaise
4 large Romaine leaves or Boston lettuce
8 (1oz.) slices whole grain bread, toasted –
1 large ripe tomato, thinly sliced
1 sliced, peeled bacon avocado
4 slices of reduced fat Swiss cheese
12 thin slices of cucumber

Spread mayonnaise on 8 slices of bread. Layer 4 slices with 1 lettuce leaf, 1 tomato slice, 1 avocado slice, 3 thin cucumber slices, and 1 slice cheese. Top with remaining bread and cut sandwiches horizontally. Serve and enjoy!

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