In Your Box This Week, October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween CSA Members – enjoy your complimentary sugar baby pumpkins this week – these ‘lil wonders are not built for carving but made for eating!  We will be posting up some fun Halloween recipes this week, if you just can’t wait you can check out our Pumpkin Possibilities post from last year.

Small Box
1 Orange Cauliflower
2 Artichokes
4 Bi-color Corn
1 bunch Red Chard
1 bunch Orange Carrots
1 pound mixed Zucchini
1 bunch Kohlrabi

Large Box
1 Orange Cauliflower
1 pound Broccoli
1 bunch Orange Carrots
1 bunch Easter Radish
1 Red Leaf Lettuce
1 bunch Candy Beets
1 bunch Collard Greens
5 Bi-color Corn
2 Artichokes

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