Hop Head Said(Sugar Baby Pumpkin)

Beer: Weizenbock (7.9%)
Brewery: Scuttlebutt Brewing Company
Style: Weizenbock
Serving: Weizen Glass @ 45°-50°

General description and suggestion: Weizenbocks are BIG wheat beers, meaning they are BIG in taste and BIG in alcohol, usually 7% – 10%. These dark beers are quite complex in aroma and taste, as well. The aromas in a weizenbock can hint at dark fruits like raisins or prunes as well as light banana and clove. The weizenbock tasting experience can be just as complex with spicy clove, tart fruit (think cherries) and/or bready flavors present. This beer is all about the malt with little or no hop bitterness present. The beer’s malt sweetness is balanced by it’s alcohol content, spicy flavors (from hops and yeast) and carbonation. This medium to full body bier pairs well with grilled meats but I prefer to pair Weizenbocks with spiced desserts.

Specific description and suggestion: I paired this beer with a pumpkin roll recipe I found on Allrecipes.com. Scuttlebutt’s Weizenbock is a perfect pairing for this dessert. The sweet caramel malt flavor matches the sweetness of the cream cheese frosting while the pumpkin and cinnamon in the cake mixture complement the clove spice in the beer. While all these flavors are melding in your mouth a tart cherry flavor begins to emerge and helps to cleanse the sweetness before it can become too cloying.