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In Your Box This Week, August 31, 2015

Small Box 1 lb Blue Lake Beans 1 bunch Easter Radish 1 bunch Collard Greens 4 Bi-color Corn 1 bunch Cilantro 1 lb mixed Zucchini 1 Cherokee Heirloom Tomato 2 Jalapeno Peppers 1 Red Bell Pepper 1 bunch Yellow Carrots 1 Romaine Lettuce Large Box 1 lb Yellow Wax Beans 1 bunch Watermelon Radish 1…

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New Crop: Watermelon Radishes

Introducing our first crop of Watermelon Radishes at Underwood Family Farms!  Beauty is only skin deep?  Nah. Not even.  In fact, it’s the total opposite with this Brassica (mustard) tribe.  The outside is not so attractive, but the flesh is filled with beautiful, bright circular hues of pink and magenta (hence the watermelon nickname). An…

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In Your Box This Week, April 6, 2015

Small Box 1 Green Leaf Lettuce 1 bunch Collard Greens 1 bunch Green Kale 1 bunch Easter Radishes 1 bunch Gold Beets 1 bunch Tatsoi 1 bunch Round Carrots 1 Celery 1 Romanesco Large Box 1 Mixed Color Cauliflower 1 Romaine Lettuce 1 bunch Purple Kale 1 bunch Mizuna 1 bunch Tatsoi 1 bunch Yellow…

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