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CSA Produce of the Week, November 7, 2016

Zucchini falls under the umbrella of summer squashes, which means it is harvested before their rinds harden. You can add Zucchini as a light side to any dish since this fruit is really low in calories. Yes! Even though Zucchini is served as a vegetable, it is technically a fruit because it comes from a…

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In Your Box This Week, November 7, 2016

Small Box 1 Romanesco 1 bunch Tatsoi 1 Green Butter Lettuce 1 bunch Italian Parsley 1 pound Broccoli 1 Fennel Bulb 1 bunch Orange Carrots 1 bunch Rainbow Chard 1 Red Kuri Squash Large Box 1 Tub Yellow Pear Tomatoes 3 pounds Valencia Oranges 1 bunch Red Chard 1 bunch Orange Carrots 1 Red Kuri…

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