Winter Kid Friendly Snacks

From our friends and Roots and Wings Preschool in Thousand Oaks!  There are links to their menus for December – February below.  They really do a great job of educating their students about healthy and seasonal eating through our CSA Program!  They are having a Discovery Day on March 7th  – Open Enrollment/School Tours from 10am to 12noon and fun activities with Oranges.


Some ideas for your youngest chefs this Winter:


  1. Persimmon-apple salad
  2. Persimmon fruit leather


  1. Creamy radish dish with pita & veggies
  2. Radish – cream cheese tea sandwich


  1. Kale Chips


  1. Old Fashioned Fun: Make OJ
    Get out the old, glass citrus juicer and have some fun twisting and smushing!
  2. Fun Afterschool Snack: Citrus Suns
    Take a cross section slice of a navel orange (large circle) and use small slices of strawberries or pineapple tidbits around it for “rays”.
  3. Fruity Dessert: Hawaiian ambrosia
    Mandarin oranges, crushed pineapple, mini marshmallows and coconut are spooned into a whipped-topping-lined bowl
  4. Easy Salad: Sunny Breeze Spinach Salad
    Combine mandarin oranges, baby spinach and raspberry dressing, or make a honey vinaigrette.
  5. Don’t forget, Smoothies: Citrus Morning Surprise
    Combine 1 seedless orange peeled, handful of strawberries, pinch of flax and 1 cup yogurt.

Check out dozens more snack and meal ideas on the full menus.

December Menu
January Menu
February Menu

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